Why do police read you your rights

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  • Of course, as with nearly all legal rules, there are exceptions (as where public safety is at issue.
  • What Happens if a Police Officer Doesn’t Read You Your Rights.
  • This warning is read after an arrest has been made and before police questioning is conducted.
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  • See our suggested response in the caution section There may be good reasons why you do not wish.
  • Anyone who has watched a television show about law enforcement has a heard a police officer read the suspect.

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  • After two years, Creeley joined the American Field Service and drove an ambulance in Burma and India; he then returned to Harvard.
  • You have the right to politely refuse, but the officer may then decide to arrest you for breaking.
  • Thats why its crucial to have a strong criminal defense lawyer in your corner.
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  • You do not necessarily have to be read your Miranda rights merely to be arrested.
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  • However, in a very high percentage of cases the police do not read a person their Miranda rights after they are arrested.
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  • These easy-to-use resources were created by the ACLU so you can have your rights at your fingertips.
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